The first production unit of Hindustan Cables was set up in 1952 in Rupnarainpur, West Bengal, in technical collaboration with STC of UK, for production of Paper Insulated Dry Core Cables.

Today’s updated and expanded Rupnarainpur unit with an installed capacity of 63 LCKM, manufactures
Polythene Insulated Jelly Filled Cables, Aerial Cables.

Facilities for manufacturing 1 million pairs of telephone coiled cords and 1.5 million pieces of computer cords have been set up in the unit. The telephone cords (2 way ovular straight and 4 way ovular extensible etc.) conform to latest specifcation and cater to Indian market and the computer cords for Computer Industries.

Rupnarainpur is proudly keeping pace with the rapidly changing telecom needs.

Mr. Swarup Kumar Chakraborty
Unit Head (Rupnarainpur)
Mobile No.: 9434744525
Email: hicabrup@bsnl.in


To cater to the increasing demand, HCL set up its Hyderabad Unit in Andhra Pradesh, in 1972 for production of Paper Insulated Dry Core, Polythene Insulated Jelly Filled, PCM and Aerial Cables. The second unit at Hyderabad was set up in 1982 in technical collaboration with STC, UK for manufacture of 3 Million CKM PIJF Cables of a range upto 3600 pairs.

The present installed capacity of the unit is 44 LCKM.

It’s one of the largest factories in South Asia with computerised Robotic Reel Handling system, Tandem Insulating Lines, High Speed Horizontal Twiners, Drum Twisters and pioneer in induction of Computerised Automatic Cable Test set for meeting stringent specification.

Contact Person :
Mr. M S Suryanarayana
Unit Head (Hyderabad)
Tel : (040) 2712-3534
Fax : (040) 2712-1419
Email : hindustan_cables@yahoo.com  

Machine Tool Works

HCL’s Machine Tool Unit near Calcutta, specialises in manufacture of cable making equipment and a wide range of special purpose machine tools and spares. This unit also supplies certain materials for production of telecom cables to other units of HCL.

Turnkey Project ( TKP ) Division

HHindustan Cables Limited has increased the Turnkey activities in the various BSNL circles/MTNL throughout India, where Turnkey operation is being carried out. TKP division has become one of the largest executor of External Plant Network Systems in the country.

The main object of TKP division involves designing network systems, connecting cable network through exchanges and interfacing with major Trunk routes, Satellites, Microwaves and other Telecommunication Channels.


External Plant Networks which HCL/TKP undertakes: -

I. Design, Planning and Execution of Underground Concrete / Sand filled Duct Construction work.

II. Design, Planning and Execution of Underground Cable (Both Jelly Filled and Optical Fibre Cable) inclusive of Termination, Jointing, Splicing, Testing and Commissioning.

III. Installation of Microwave Tower Antenna inclusive of Microwave connection and system installation. 

R & D – The urge to Step Ahead of Times

HCL’s commitment to Research and Development has put it in the forefront of telecom cable industry. HCL’s first R&D Centre was set up in Hyderabad in 1981 to develop microprocessor based cable testing instruments and special application cables. In 1987 a pilot plant was set up Hyderabad as a part of HCL’s R&D activity for production of fibre optic cables.

During the period, the in-house R&D centres developed new items and continued indigenisation of raw materials and machines. The Gas Alert System was developed by R&D Centre at Hyderabad for the use of ONGC and coal mines. The system has successfully undergone different performance tests and safety test at CMRI, Dhanbad and is now awaiting approvals for field trials from DGMS, Dhanbad. Gas Watch Instrument for detecting the presence of LPG leaks has been developed. RUB-02 Meter and IRT-02 instrument were re-designed to suit customer requirement. At R&D Centre, Naini, Allahabad, indigenous off line fibre colouring unit and 6 fibre central loose tube design cable were developed. R&D Centres also worked on standardisation of new and economical basic raw materials.

Backed by well equipped laboratories and team of talented engineers HCL is involved in developing sophisticated products in the field of fibre optics, accessories and external plant practices.